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Operational Services

The principals of BTS have successfully operated business service centers, entertainment and specialty retail concepts in many airports.  These services are broad-based to include the upgrade and development of technology as it relates to the BTS centers and stores. The operational approach of the principals emphasizes how BTS can best serve its customers and fully understand the types of services needed.  Clearly, this stated approach dictates how the company responds operationally to meet and exceed the expectations of the customer.


Innovative Concepts

As business professionals, the principals of BTS constantly seek concepts and methods to meet the ever-changing needs of the traveler by incorporating the latest concepts in technology.  BTS is among the first to bring InMotion Stores, Minute Suites, BlackBerry ® Stores, CBD products and Automated Retail Stores to airports. In planning for facilities, BTS analyzes the surrounding decor of the airport and provides superior architectural designs that blend and add a modern aesthetic appeal.


Customer Focused

The principals of BTS pride themselves in understanding the people of their business.  This understanding means paying attention to the needs of their customers, the airport staff, the airline employees, staffing and equipment requirements to meet those needs.  The critical success factor of their satisfaction program is in the ability to build relationships and communicate effectively with the varied communities.

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